Toll Manufacturing – Highly Competent and Individual

With us, your order is in trusting hands

Concentrate on your core business while we take care of a high-quality manufacturing of your products. In this way, production, storage and delivery all meet and come from a single source.

Incidentally, for Weserland, such contract manufacturing is – over time – also always a continuously growing, trusted partnership. For the benefit of our customers.

Composing Lager Mitarbeiter
Produktionshalle Mitarbeiter Lager


Contract Production

A trusting relationship plays a major role when it comes to contract manufacturing – even more so than in a normal business relationship. Because in doing so, clients reveal their own solutions. The ensuing knowledge about the composition and production of a compound is indeed an asset that is very much worth protecting. Trust and discretion are therefore a matter of principle for us.

Within the context of a planned contract production, it goes without saying that we also include a factory tour – so that our customers can take a closer look at the available production facilities. After a detailed briefing on the requested requirements profile, we then submit a suitable offer for our customers, if necessary also staggered in different variants.


Order Processing and Production

After receiving a customer’s order, we immediately check whether the raw materials required for production are available in sufficient quantities and schedule the order into our production planning for the delivery date – taking, of course, the customer’s preferences into account.

Once all the raw materials and containers required for filling are available, the order will be started. Our employees then manufacture our customers’ products according to specifications from the parts list – taking into account special features such as stirring times and speeds.

Produktion Chemie Rührwerk
Labor Stapler Rohstoffe


Storage and Logistics

We feature sufficient storage capacities to properly store not only raw materials, but also the resulting semi-finished and finished products of our customers. In addition to temperature control for sensitive materials (for instance to protect against frost), this also includes the handling and storage of hazardous materials in accordance with legal requirements such as the German Federal Water Act (WHG). Associated safety measures serve to monitor the processes and thus protect the environment and people from potential hazards.

For the delivery of our goods, which have to be shipped globally with an export quota of 70 per cent, we rely on competent shipping companies They know their trade and always ensure a cost-effective and timely delivery of our customers’ goods – without lacking quality or safety during transport.

Our Services, Capacities
and Expertise: Your Advantages

Application advice and product development

Many years of experience and high competence

Certified manufacturing and continuous quality control

Permanent and targeted process optimisation

Secure storage and logistics for all requirements

Temperature-controlled warehouses and smart logistics

Weserland: A strong network for your success

Long-standing and trusting partnerships with customers and business partners demonstrate our high level of competence and commitment to a trusting co-operation.

We bank upon:

  • Global sourcing for raw material suppliers
  • Complementary suppliers
  • Sound technology service providers
  • Outstanding research institutes
  • Scientific advisors
  • Industrial associations
  • Proven textile machine manufacturers
  • Established yarn manufacturers
  • Focused marketing and communication
  • Contract manufacturing partners
  • International after-sales service


We are here for you

The Weserland team of specialists will help you with more information and ideas related to your topics and requirements. Our ambition is a problem-free integration of our solutions into the production process of our customers. With excellent cooperation – with and for highest quality standards.

We are very much looking forward to hearing from you!