latex mattresses, topper, carpet backing, wipes, web materials, bath mats, moldings

Adapted curing systems for all types of latex

Vulcanization is a chemical- technical process, in order to made latex robust by using time and temperature to mechanical stress and to chemical influences.To vulcanize the latex, heating the latex dispersion in combination with sulfur and accelerators, catalysts and fillers. The long chain molecules of the latex are cross-linked by sulfur bridge. Thereby the latex is losing the viscoplastic properties. The latex is converted by the vulcanization from an viscoplastic state in an elastic state.

Aqueous dispersions of natural or synthetic latex are used in the manufacture of mattresses, toppers, moldings, carpet backings and production of wipes and other web materials .

Weserland offers in these areas highly concentrated curing systems that are tailored to the specific needs and applications. So latex foams can be produced and cured according to all established procedures.

With concrete problems and for the development of guide formulations, please contact our sales team .

The following table provides an overview of our options:.

ApplicationSuprotex UGBSuprotex SBKSuprotex SGF-L
Latex mattresses and topper    
Carpet backing    
Wipes and Web materials  
Bath mats and moldings  
Product properties      
solid content [%] 59 - 61 56 - 58 55 - 57
required quantity wet in latex wet 10,5 8 10 - 11
Forms no nitrosamines listed according to TRGS900  
particle size D 50 [µm] < 10 < 5 < 7
particle sizeD 90 [µm] < 20 < 20 < 20

Suprotex UGB, Suprotex SBK und Suprotex SGF-L contain all the ingredients necessary for the vulcanization, as well as anti-aging agent, to protect the latex foam durable in use.

Latex mattresses and topper

  • for pure natural latex and synthetic latex with any mixing ratio
  • Individual adjustment of foam hardness
  • low shrinkage

Matratze klein

Carpet backing

  • satisfies GUT requirements
  • very good anti aging effect

Teppichschaum klein


Wipes and Web materials

  • for natural rubber, styren-butadien rubber, nitril-butadien rubber, etc.

Bahnenware klein

Bath mats and moldings

  • high washing resistance

badeteppich klein

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