cationic latex

Compensation for the bitumen in road construction and
construction chemicals -

Used in road construction for the surface treatment and thin layers in cold mounting , as well as in the construction industry. The chemical basis for this could be cationic latex based on styrene -butadiene rubber (SBR ) or natural rubber (NR).

In road construction, the cationic latex is used for improving cationic bitumen emulsions. Herein, all types of latex can be processed with all common cold bitumen process order wise. Depending on the requirements several types are suitable for the hot process. By the compensation of the bitumen, the properties of the pure bitumen emulsion can be positively influenced. The positive characteristics are also achieved through the use of cationic latex in the products of the construction industry. This includes the use as an additive in sealants, mortar, glue, etc. Through the addition of cationic latex the strength, toughness and ductility as well as the softening point, the cold flexibility and the aging resistance is increased in the final application.

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Road construction specifications

  • Softening point Ring and Ball DIN EN 1427
  • Breaking point by Fraaß DIN EN 12593
  • Elastic recovery DIN EN 13398
  • Needle penetration DIN EN 1426
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