foaming agents, stabilizers,thickener, gelling agents, anti aging agents, wetting agents, defoamers

Additional auxiliaries Slipol, Wesopret, Suprogel, Supronil and Wesocon

Weserland also offer additional auxiliaries that are needed for recipe formulation.

Spezial kleinSlipol - Foaming agents and stabilizers

Slipol contains surface-active substances used to produce latex foams, thus acting as foaming agents and foam stabilisers. They can also be not only used for the various processes of foam coating but also in moulding parts.

For foams based on SBR and natural latex following the gelling process, the quantities used depend on the method and the filling level of the latex. We will be happy to provide you with application recipes on request.
To produce foams that are not gelled, we recommend Slipol U 58 and Slipol S 68. These are also used for foaming other polymer dispersions. Slipol U 55 was specially developed to mechanically stabilize natural latex.
Slipol is added to the polymer dispersion to pre-stabilize it and to guarantee good dispersing of any extenders and vulcanisation systems there might be.

ApplicationSlipol S 13Slipol F 21Slipol U 58Slipol S 68Slipol U 55
moldet foam
Foaming agents
other polymers
Product properties    
solid content [%]
23 - 25
17 - 19
23 - 25
ca. 28,5*
24 - 25
11,7 - 12,7
9,5 - 10,5
7 - 9**
7 - 9**
6 - 8
  * Aktive content / **5% solution

Wesopret - Thickener

is used as a thickening and floating agent in aqueous compounds and dispersions. WesopretA1 und Wesopret A2 are acrylate thickeners. They are used chiefly in neutral to alkaline systems. In acidic systems, the thickening effect could be negatively effected.

All Wesopret-types are very compatible with SBR and natural latex, producing when just a small quantity is used a sharp increase in viscosity and an improvement in the settling behaviour of weighting materials.

Product propertiesWesopret A1Wesopret A2
solid content [%] 14 - 16 9 - 11
pH-value 9 - 10,5 9 - 10,5
viscosity [mPas] 20.000 - 35.000*
10.000 - 15.000*
  * Haake VT02

Suprogel - Gelling agents

Highly effective gelling agent based on sodium silikofluorid.

Suprogel NSC is a highly effective gelling agent for use in the latex field. Due to its especially high degree of fineness and optimum particle-size distribution, foams produced with Suprogel NSC are characterised by an especially high degree of production reliability and uniform pore formation.

Product propertiesSuprogel NSC
solid content [%] 60 - 62
pH-value 5,0 - 6,0
viskosity [mPas] 400 - 700*
particle size D 50 [µm] < 8
particle size D 90 [µm] < 20
  * Haake VT02

Supronil - Anti aging agents,

wetting agents and defoamers as well

Under the trade name Supronil there are several auxiliaris that are required for the production of any kind of coatings.

Wesocon - Compensation for the bitumen in road construction and
construction chemicals

Used in road construction for the surface treatment and thin layers in cold mounting , as well as in the construction industry. The chemical basis for this could be cationic latex based on styrene -butadiene rubber (SBR ) or natural rubber (NR).

In road construction, the cationic latex is used for improving cationic bitumen emulsions. Herein, all types of latex can be processed with all common cold bitumen process order wise. Depending on the requirements several types are suitable for the hot process. By the compensation of the bitumen, the properties of the pure bitumen emulsion can be positively influenced. The positive characteristics are also achieved through the use of cationic latex in the products of the construction industry. This includes the use as an additive in sealants, mortar, glue, etc. Through the addition of cationic latex the strength, toughness and ductility as well as the softening point, the cold flexibility and the aging resistance is increased in the final application.

With concrete problems and for the development of guide formulations, please contact our sales team.


Road construction specifications

  • Softening point Ring and Ball DIN EN 1427
  • Breaking point by Fraaß DIN EN 12593
  • Elastic recovery DIN EN 13398
  • Needle penetration DIN EN 1426
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