We Produce Customised Solutions for Latex Vulcanisation Systems

For many decades, Weserland has been a specialist in the manufacture of customised vulcanisation systems for the latex processing industry, and in this respect can adapt to any challenge. We are your competent and expert partner for the production of your individual formulation. Your requirements are our inspiration.

Our customers are manufacturers from a wide range of industries. The finished products are used, for example, in the manufacture of mattresses, toppers, moulded parts, carpet back coatings and for the production of wiping cloths and other latex sheeting.


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Latex Compounds, Formulations, Coatings

High quality Base Recipes or Supplements for your Formulation

Vulcanisation is a chemo-technical process in which latex (natural, synthetic or blended) with the aid of chemicals and the influence of time and temperature is made resistant to mechanical stress and other external influences. This is where we support you with highly individual solutions and compounds.

Still quite favourable raw material costs and good biodegradability (and thus high CO2 neutrality) prevail when using the raw material natural latex (NR). According to your specifications and in close co-operation, we develop formulations that are perfectly adapted to your system and your production process.

Typical applications of compounds produced by Weserland

Latex is supplemented – depending on the use – with functional fillers such as carbon blacks, anti-ageing-agents, flame retardants, pigments and dyes in addition to the necessary addition of vulcanisation systems. Water-based natural or synthetic latex dispersions are used to manufacture the following products:

  • Mattresses
  • Topper
  • Moulded parts
  • Carpet back coatings
  • Wipes
  • Sheet goods

A selection of our brands for various product features

Depending on the area of application, there are always different product properties required. Our expertise is to help you find the right mix of different raw materials and standard formulations to make your production process trouble-free.

Some of these brands are also used for coatings. You can find an overview of these and other brands on the auxiliary / agents page.


Vulcanisation dispersions for all latex types


Foaming agents and stabilisers

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Slipol contains surface-active substances that are used to produce mechanically produced foams from polymer dispersions, acting as foaming agents and foam stabilisers. They can also be used for the various foam coating processes as well as for moulded parts production.


Thickener to increase viscosity


Highly effective gelling agent

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Suprogel is a highly effective gelling agent based on sodium silicofluoride (NSF) for the production of fine-pored latex foams. Due to its particularly high degree of fineness and optimal particle size distribution, the foams produced in this way are characterised by a particularly high level of production reliability and a uniform pore pattern.

What are your product specifications?
What is your particular use case?

Further product developments for modified product properties or the elaboration of your guide formulation are possible at any time.

Weserland: A strong network for your success

Long-standing and trusting partnerships with customers and business partners demonstrate our high level of competence and commitment to a trusting co-operation.

We bank upon:

  • Global sourcing for raw material suppliers
  • Complementary suppliers
  • Sound technology service providers
  • Outstanding research institutes
  • Scientific advisors
  • Industrial associations
  • Proven textile machine manufacturers
  • Established yarn manufacturers
  • Focused marketing and communication
  • Contract manufacturing partners
  • International after-sales service
Composing Suprotex

We are specialised in

Vulcanisation with Suprotex® for your individual formulation

If the formulation is predominantly based on natural latex, a complete dosage of the vulcanisation system is not possible, since especially zinc oxide and N,N’-diphenylguanidine (DPG) lead to stability issues of those compounds. Weserland has therefore divided the universal product Suprotex® UGL into two components:

  • Suprotex® L N566-1, consisting of sulphur, accelerator and ageing protection, is added to the compound before “maturing”, while
  • Suprotex® L N566-2, consisting of zinc oxide and DPG, is injected into the blender head during foaming.

Both Suprotex® UGL and the split system Suprotex® L form the basis for a successful latex foam production. As a manufacturer of custom solutions, Weserland has the ability to modify the composition of these systems in wide areas to meet your specific requirements – precisely for your production facilities.

Applications with Special Requirements

Whether standard or flame retardant formulation: Perfect advice and solutions from Weserland

We know: Every application is different. Every customer requirement is different – and no two products are the same. Weserland has made it its business to always find perfect solutions for its customers at precisely this point.


We are here for you

The Weserland team of specialists will help you with more information and ideas related to your topics and requirements. Our ambition is a problem-free integration of our solutions into the production process of our customers. With excellent cooperation - with and for highest quality standards.

We are very much looking forward to hearing from you!