We produce finishers, binders and coatings

Weserland produces and develops finishers and coatings with different water-based polymer dispersions for various applications. We are your expert and competent partner for the production of your customised compound. Your requirements are our inspiration.

With our decades of experience, we are ready for any challenge. Our customers are manufacturers and outfitters from a wide range of industries for carpeting, carpet floor coverings and technical textiles.


Our Services, Capacities
and Expertise: Your Advantages

Application advice and product development

Many years of experience and high competence

Certified manufacturing and continuous quality control

Permanent and targeted process optimisation

Secure storage and logistics for all requirements

Temperature-controlled warehouses and smart logistics

We work for the success of our customers.
A good working relationship is our aspiration!

Finishers and Coatings for Fabrics and Textiles

High quality Base Recipes or Supplements for your Formulation

Finishers and coatings with various aqueous polymer dispersions that can be used to strengthen, improve wash resistance as well as abrasion are the focus of our product development. In addition, various grip and surface properties can be set. Our special focus is on the production of flame retardant systems. According to your specifications, we develop formulations that are perfectly adapted to your equipment and your production process.

The coatings are then applied in your production process, for example by dipping, doctoring, roller application, printing or spraying – just as you require.

Typical applications of compounds produced by Weserland

  • Technical textiles
  • Leather goods
  • Carpets
  • Carpet floor coverings
  • Upholstery fabrics
  • Nets
  • Ropes, belts
  • and many more areas of application

A selection of our brands for various product features

Depending on the area of application, there are always different product properties required. Our expertise is to help you find the right combination of different raw materials and standard formulations. So that your production process runs trouble-free.

Some of these brands are also used in latex vulcanisation.


Flame retardant


Finishing agent (loss of grip / elasticity)


Thickener (viscosity)

Supronil HN

Wetting agent

Supronil HE

Defoaming agent

Supronil RA

Antistatic agent

What are your product specifications?
What is your particular use case?

Further product developments for modified product properties or the elaboration of your guide formulation are possible at any time.

Weserland: A strong network for your success

Long-standing and trusting partnerships with customers and business partners demonstrate our high level of competence and commitment to a trusting co-operation.

We bank upon:

  • Global sourcing for raw material suppliers
  • Complementary suppliers
  • Sound technology service providers
  • Outstanding research institutes
  • Scientific advisors
  • Industrial associations
  • Proven textile machine manufacturers
  • Established yarn manufacturers
  • Focused marketing and communication
  • Contract manufacturing partners
  • International after-sales service
Composing Emtex

Our Focus and Core Competence

Tailor-Made Flame Retardants and Formulations

Halogen-free. Low smoke emission.

Particularly high fire protection requirements are placed on carpet floor coverings or upholstery fabrics (technical textiles) used in aircraft, ships, trains, cars and public buildings such as hotels and theatres.

Weserland has developed halogen-free and low-smoke flame-retardant compounds for these areas which, in addition to the requirements of flame protection, smoke density and toxicity, also meet “classic” requirements such as necessary cutting edge reinforcement or for instance antistatic properties.

A selection of our brands for various product features

The individual formulations and solutions allow the adaptation to a wide range of product properties: viscosity, antistatic, halogen-free, excellent cut edge resistance as well as slip resistance.

Emtex® W

Flame retardant formulations

Matched to the type of fibre, the fabric construction (woven carpet, tufted carpet, needlefelt) as well as the desired degree of flame retardancy and antistatic properties.

Emtex® D, L

Flame retardant formulations

With adjustment of the application quantity to the binder system, the type of fibre, the structure of the products and the desired degree of flame retardancy.

Emtex® T, Emtex® L

Flame retardant

Halogen-free, low-smoke product for technical textiles and needle felts without additional binders. Ready-to-use as an additive for flame retardant finishing of water-based compounds or synthetic dispersions (Emtex® T 998).

Applications with Special Requirements

Compliance with norms and industrial standards in various areas of application – for instance in the back coating of carpets and floor coverings – are the norm. Fulfilment of legal requirements and the increasingly stringent quality standards of our customers require a great deal of effort, but we are constantly facing up to this challenge.

With our range of products, we ensure that our customers comply with the applicable standards for their respective end-use applications. Here are a few typical examples:


  • ASTM E662
  • DIN EN 45545-2


  • EN ISO 9239-1 Radiant Panel
  • EN ISO 11925 Small flame


  • JAR/FAR part 25 appendix F – part 1
  • Aircraft (ABD 0031 – AITM 3.0005)
  • Boeing (BSS 7239)


  • IMO res A. 653(16) und A. 687(17)
  • MSC 41 (64) smoke box


  • FMVSS 302, ISO 3795

Whether standard or flame retardant formulation: Perfect advice and solutions from Weserland

Each application is different. Every customer requirement is different – no two products are the same. Weserland has made it its business to always find perfect solutions for its customers at precisely this point.


We are here for you

The Weserland team of specialists will help you with more information and ideas relating to your topics and objectives. Our aspiration is to integrate our solutions into our customers’ production processes without any complications. With good co-operation – with highest quality standards.

We are very much looking forward to hearing from you!