The right Agents for perfect Compounds

The multitude of solutions for our customers necessitates the use of complementary agents. They are needed for formulations and have various properties.



Slipol contains surface-active substances that are used to produce mechanically produced foams from polymer dispersions, acting as foaming agents and foam stabilisers. They can also be used for the various foam coating processes as well as for moulded parts production.


Wesopret is used to adjust the viscosity of water-based compounds and dispersions. Our Wesopret products are highly effective and, depending on the type, also easily watersoluble. All are very well compatible with SBR and natural latex, and produce a significant increase in viscosity as well as an improvement in the settling behaviour of fillers even at low application rates. But with our Wesopret thickeners even other polymer dispersions can be easily adjusted in viscosity .


Suprogel is a highly effective gelling agent based on sodium silicofluoride for the production of fine-pored latex foams. Due to its particularly high degree of fineness and optimal particle size distribution, the foams produced in this way are characterised by a particularly high level of production reliability and a uniform pore pattern.


Products from our Supronil range are used primarily as anti-ageing agents, wetting agents or defoamers. The various auxiliaries included under this name are mainly needed for the production of coatings of all kinds.


Wesocon is a cationic latex for bitumen coating in road construction and construction chemicals. Depending on the application, either natural latex or synthetic latex (high solid styrene-butadiene latex, HS-SBR) is used with various emulsifier systems, each of which is adapted to the intended end use. All latex types can be processed with all the usual application methods in the bitumen cold process.

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Depending on the requirements, some types are also suitable for the hot process.

These benefits can also be perfectly used in construction chemistry products. This includes use as an additive in sealants, caulking compounds, mortars, adhesives, etc. In the final application, this increases strength, toughness and ductility as well as the softening point, low-temperature flexibility and ageing resistance.

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