and Expertise

What customers can expect when working with Weserland

Customer satisfaction is our inspiration. Innovative approaches paired with sound know-how and outstanding service always serve to contribute to the success of our customers – without any compromises. Creating a formula mix that is precisely tailored to the plants and to the requirements of the respective customers is our strength and our daily work. During the product launch, companies are supported on site by expert advice and provided with a great deal of specialist knowledge to answer all their specific questions. This is how we create real added value for our customers.


We upgrade your compounds, you upgrade your business.

Expert Advice

Providing good products and applications for our customers does not simply follow prefabricated standards. As a matter of principle, we do not offer off-the-shelf products, but first check the specific requirements profile of each customer. Well-founded knowledge and many years of know-how are incorporated into our consultations – right from the start. Because we want our customers to succeed.

Demand-Driven Production

Insights gained from consultation are processed and, if necessary, further developed in targeted laboratory trials involving the customer’s substrates. These laboratory tests are designed for orientation purposes – but based on our experience, they are often close to series production. Ultimately, the operating tests at the customer’s site – which Weserland usually accompanies closely – provide information as to whether the selected product fits directly or whether it may need to be readjusted.

Produktion Chemie Kontrolle

Production Process

After receiving a customer order, we immediately check whether the raw material quantities required for production are available in sufficient quantities and we then schedule the order – taking into account the customer’s requirements – into our production planning for the delivery date. Once all the raw materials and containers required for filling are available, the order will be started. Our employees then manufacture our customers’ products according to specifications from the parts list – taking into account special features such as stirring times and speeds.

The ERP system GUS-OS used for this is always up-to-date and a widely used standard in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. After processing the production recipe, a sample is given to our laboratory and the goods are released if they meet the applicable specification values – otherwise they are corrected according to the specifications and the process is repeated. After the successful laboratory authorisation, the manufactured goods can be filled – and are then prepared for dispatch in the warehouse.

Warehouse and Logistics

We feature sufficient storage capacities to properly store the raw materials used, but also the resulting semi-finished and finished products of our customers. In addition to temperature control for sensitive materials (for instance to protect them from frost), this also includes the handling and storage of hazardous materials in accordance with legal requirements such as the German Water Resources Act (WHG). Associated safety measures serve to monitor the processes and thus protect the environment and people from potential hazards.

As part of our internal logistics, we have been gradually converting our forklift trucks from combustion engines to environmentally friendly electric powered vehicles since 2022.

For the delivery of our goods, which have to be shipped globally with an export quota of 70 per cent, we rely on competent shipping companies as partners who know their trade and always ensure a cost-effective and timely delivery of our customers’ goods – without lacking quality or safety during transport.

Practising Sustainability

The demands on solutions and applications, on production methods as well as storage and logistics are becoming increasingly greater in terms of sustainability. We have been already addressing this issue for a long time and are continuously implementing appropriate future-oriented procedures in order to meet this challenge. There is no alternative or ‘business as usual’ to this, neither from the client’s side nor from our own motivation.

Sustainability is known to have many facets. This includes the conscious and careful use of resources such as energy, participation in the circular economy by collecting recyclable materials, the use of raw materials that are not based on petroleum but on renewable natural materials, or even the use of recycled packaging.

Lager Produktion Abfüllung Halle

Effective Contract Manufacturing

A trusting relationship plays a major role when it comes to contract manufacturing – even more so than in a normal business relationship. Because in the process, a customer reveals his formulas. The ensuing knowledge about the composition and production of a compound is indeed an asset that is very much worth protecting. Trust and discretion are a matter of principle for us when it comes to contract production.

Within the context of a desired contract production, it goes without saying that we also include a factory tour so that our customers can take a look at the production facilities. After a detailed briefing with regard to the requirement profile, we then draw up the appropriate offer for our customers.


and Confidentiality

Weserland works with many network partners. In addition to our customers and suppliers, these include universities, institutes and trade organisations as well as mechanical engineering companies. It is often important that details of an order or even the entire co-operation do not become public. This is a matter of principle for us and always part of a trusting and confidential co-operation.