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Weserland GmbH is a small, medium-sized company with 36 employees under the management of the three owners Stefan Bourgeois, Roy Schnau and Sebastian Waßmann.

We are manufacturers and developers of water-based dispersions, mixtures and compounds for carpet back coatings for the (e.g. flame-retardant) finishing of aircraft, automotive, railway and contract carpets. We are specialists in the vulcanisation of synthetic and/or natural latex for the final application in the production process of latex mattresses/toppers, sheet goods, carpets or moulded parts. Since spring 2021, we have a new (reactivated) business unit for railway interiors and here involved in the repair and refurbishment of back/seat upholstery as well as armrests and headrests for rail vehicles.

In addition to the above-mentioned applications, we also offer a comprehensive product portfolio of coatings for other carpet (floor) types as well as for geotextiles, technical textiles, leather and nonwovens.

Last but not least, we are active as a service provider for contract production and filling for other companies in the above-mentioned as well as completely unconnected industries. This mainly involves the competence of mixing and dispersing liquids/dispersions with themselves or the incorporation or dissolving of solids in said liquids/dispersions – as well as their subsequent filling into various containers.

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14,000 sqm

Company premises

More than 70 years


36 Employees

working worldwide

Years Of Experience for Perfect Results

Each of our customers is to receive tailor-made products that fulfil their requirements and wishes. To achieve this, we first examine the specific requirements profile of each customer. Our experts draw on their many years of in-house know-how – but also consult external expertise from networking partners if necessary. In case we cannot find a solution or at least an approach with our standard products, we can often show our customers the right result employing slight adaptations or needs-based development. For a perfect result.

In specific laboratory tests with substrates of our customers, the solutions found are then further developed to maturity. These laboratory tests always serve as orientation, but are often close to full production levels due to our experience. Ultimately, the operational tests at the customer’s site, which Weserland usually accompanies closely, provide information as to whether the selected product fits directly or whether it may need to be readjusted.

In this way, every customer receives a unique product that has been ‘tailor-made’ to suit the customer’s needs.

Future-Oriented Development with a History

As a former division of Weserland KG, which was founded in 1946 and later became Farbenfabrik Höveling GmbH, the textile auxiliary’s department became independent after 30 years under the former company name Weserland Textilchemie GmbH in 1991. In 2007, the company was renamed Weserland GmbH.

The company is located in Hannover-Stöcken. The production facilities and the development department as well as the administrative headquarters are located on the company premises with about 14,000 sqm.

Gesellschafter Weserland GmbH

Stefan Bourgeois, Roy Schnau and Sebastian Waßmann


Roy Schnau

Shareholder / Managing Director
+49 511 97997-0

Stefan Bourgeois

Shareholder / Managing Director
+49 511 97997-0

Sebastian Waßmann

Commercial Manager
+49 511 97997-0


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The Weserland team of specialists will help you with more information and ideas related to your topics and requirements. Our ambition is a problem-free integration of our solutions into the production process of our customers. With excellent cooperation - with and for highest quality standards.

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